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How does it work

How does it work
and what does it cost?

You provide us with as much information you have about the relatives you are interested in researching. Even though you may think that the information you have is insufficient, we know from our experience to consider many possibilities, such as the different phonetic spellings of German names from past centuries.

With the names and other information you provide, we initiate the first research; tracing the names back through archives, church registers, etc. This first research often takes several days due to many current town-hall employees being unable to read the old writings. We often must wait many days or even weeks for the results of our requests.


With the results from the initial research we will be able to recommend whether further research is likely to be promising.

You may then order a detailed research on your ancestor.

The price for ancestral research is $420,00 for each town an ancestor is researched in

Included in the price is:

  • Research work up to 12 hours
  • Normal fees charged by town-halls, archives, churches, or other institutions
  • Costs for phonecalls, photocopies, correspondence
  • Tips for local guides visiting local archives and town-halls

We will send you a report with all the of the information we have collected: photocopies of documents, church registers, military registers, photos.

As well as contact information for the people in charge of the relevant archives.


After finding out about your roots, you may decide to travel to Germany to walk the same streets that your ancestors left behind.....

From our many experiences, we know how exciting it is for both the visitor and also for the German residents of the neighbourhoods, when someone from “the New World” comes back to the former homeland of their great-grandparents.

Often, we have even found great-great cousins still living in the same places as your relatives from generations past.

We can also provide you a personal historical tour, guiding you back to your roots $550.00 per day.

Included in that price is our service for a whole day tour incl. all necessary pre-organization (appointments), translations, driving, insurances, fees and tips for local guides.

Additional costs for transfers by car or train as well as possible accommodations may be necessary

Meals and personal expenses are not included in that price.